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Climbing roses characteristically produce large flowers which are held singly or in small clusters.  Many have the ability to repeat flower and are good for training on walls, pillars, arches or fences.  To ensure reliable flowering, most climbing rose varieties require to be in sunshine for at least half the day. There are exceptions which grow and flower successfully on north facing walls or shady aspects.


Pruning tips: For established climbing roses, prune out any old or diseased wood and any weak growth in the autumn.  During late winter (Feb-March), further prune all the lateral shoots from the main stem to approximately 7.5 cm/3 inches.  Feed and mulch generously as climbers deplete soil fertility quite quickly.

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Roses: Climbing roses, (Warner 2009)
ALI BABA (Warner 2009)
Semi double flowers in soft blend of peach, salmon and orange. Fruity fragrance.
Repeat flowering with excellent disease resistance. Pliable growth useful for growing over structures.
Gold Standard Award.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Blatner 1935)
AWAKENING (Blatner 1935)
A double sport of New Dawn, this climbing rose has a sumptuous quartered silvery-pink appearance.
Highly fragrant and repeat flowering.
An outstanding rose which should be more widely grown.
Good cut flower.
Easy to grow and reliable. Suitable for north facing aspects.
3m x 2.5m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Trouillard 1842)
CELINE FORESTIER (Trouillard 1842)
One of the most beautiful of the Noisette climbing roses. Large, full quartered, pale yellow with a button eye. Celine Forestier is an excellent free-flowering small climber which is seldom out of flower throughout the summer. Gorgeous tea fragrance with refined pointed pale green foliage.
Grows best in a sunny, warm aspect.
3m x 1.8m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Kordes 2003)
CINDERELLA (Kordes 2003)
Cinderella is a soft pink climbing rose and has full petalled flowers in a classic style, with a good fruity perfume.
Dark glossy foliage with excellent health.
Repeat flowering.
Ht. 3m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Gandy 1998)
CRÈME DE LA CRÈME (Gandy 1998)
Crème de la Crème produces a profusion of large, sweet-scented, cream coloured blooms.
Repeat flowering and suitable for climbing north walls.
Vigorous growth up to 3.5m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Miller 1941)
CRIMSON GLORY (Miller 1941)
Crimson Glory is an excellent specimen climbing rose.
Deep velvety red blooms which tend to hang for maximum effect.
Strong heady perfume. Summer flowering. 3.6m x 2.5m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Desprez 1830)
A Tea-Noisette climbing rose. Full quartered blooms of yellow orange and buff borne in clusters.
Very vigorous and highly fragrant fruity scent.
Recurrent flowering. For a warm site.
6m x 3m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Beales 1996)
Beautiful sport of free flowering Aloha. Apricot pink old style blooms packed with scent.
Repeat flowering. Healthy, glossy foliage. Ideal pillar rose. 2.5m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Verschuren 1931)
ETOILE DE HOLLANDE (Verschuren 1931)
Etoile de Hollande has rich crimson blooms and a wonderful perfume. A climbing sport of the old Hybrid Tea rose.
Repeat flowers.
Vigorous growth to 5.5m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Warner 2010)
GOLD CHARM (Warner 2010)
Delightful clusters of scrolled, blended apricot Hybrid Tea blooms cover the entire bush. Dense, glossy foliage. Good fragrance
Repeat flowering with exceptionally high disease resistance.
Gold Standard Award.
2.7m - 3m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Mallerin 1938)
GUINEE (Mallerin 1938)
Huge deep maroon double blooms with a velvety sheen are produced with a heady perfume. Darkest of all the rose climbers.
Can sometimes be slow to get going but well worth the wait.
Repeat flowering. Grow against a lighter background.
4.5m x 2.4m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Kordes 2005)
JASMINA (Kordes 2005)
Large clusters of violet pink cup shaped blooms with slightly frilly edges. Strong, sweet scent.
Repeat flowering. Short climber - good as a pillar rose. Healthy and disease resistant.
2.5m x 1m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Hicks 1917)
This climbing rose has long, pointed apricot buds opening to egg yolk yellow blooms. Lady Hillingdon has a distinctive tea rose perfume.
Dark, purplish-green, glossy leaves enhance the overall effect of this outstandingly good rose.
Free flowering. Best climbing on a sunny wall.
3.6m x 2.4m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Schwartz 1879)
Large sweetly scented fully double white flowers with a hint of blush. A widely planted noisette.
Mme Alfred Carriere is a reliable rose and flowers continuously.
Hardy. 6m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Gosset 1954)
MEG (Gosset 1954)
Outstandingly beautiful climber. Large, single flowers in blend of buff, yellow flushed apricot. Distinctive russet red stamens. Scented.
Repeat flowering.
Good pillar rose.
2.4m x 1.2m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Warner 1995)
OPEN ARMS (Warner 1995)
Soft shell pink semi double flowers reminiscent of wild roses or ramblers. Glossy green foliage which is almost thornless.
Light fragrance. Repeat flowers throughout the season.
Very useful short climber for containers or where space is limited. 2.4m x 1m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Delbard 1995)
PAPI DELBARD (Delbard 1995)
Large fully double flowers in the old rose tradition. Initially cupped then opening flat in shades of orange, yellow and apricot. Good fruity perfume.
Repeat flowering.
Strong, bushy growth.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Harkness 1998) Rose of the Year   Gold Standard Award
PENNY LANE (Harkness 1998) Rose of the Year Gold Standard Award
A modern climbing rose but already establishing itself as a classic.
Penny Lane has lovely scented fully double blooms of champagne white.
Semi glossy mid green foliage of upright habit.
Repeat flowering.
3m x 2m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Cowlishaw 2002)
PURPLE SKYLINER (Cowlishaw 2002)
Clusters of soft purple flowers fade to pleasing shades of mauve and grey. Very similar to the rambler Veilchenblau. Repeat flowering throughout the season providing a background of colour. Light-medium fragrance.
Can be grown in shadier locations and on north walls.
2.4m x 1.8m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Robichon 1956)
RED NEW DAWN (Robichon 1956)
aka Etendard. Seedling from New Dawn with many of its parent's attributes. Double crimson-red blooms in clusters. Medium scent.
Repeat flowering. Dark foliage. Can be grown in shade. 3m x 2.4m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Warner 2013)
A striking repeat flowering climber with well formed semi double blooms in a blend of apricot and orange shades. Light fragrance. Flowers profusely from mid summer to late autumn. Dark green glossy foliage which is very healthy.
Ideal for growing over arches, pergolas, pillars.
Gold Standard Award
Roses: Climbing roses, (Robert 1850)
SOMBREUIL (Robert 1850)
Sombreuil has sumptuous flat quartered blooms of creamy blush white. Delicious fragrance. Good glossy dark green leaves. Continuous flowering. An excellent but little known rose variety.
Hardy climber, but for best flowering grow on a warm wall.
3m x 2.4m.
Roses: Climbing roses, (Warner 2004)
SUMMERTIME (Warner 2004)
This patio rose is special for its ability to cover itself with creamy-yellow double flowers from top to bottom throughout the summer.
Nice perfume.
Summertime is almost entirely free of disease.
2.1m x 1m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Climbing roses, (Kordes 1996)
TRADITION (Kordes 1996)
Glowing crimson-scarlet semi double flowers with prominent central golden stamens. Lightly fragrant. Flowers in flushes throughout the season.
Ideal for pergolas or walls.
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