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Renaissance roses are a range of modern shrub roses introduced by the world renowned Danish breeder, Poulsen. These roses have the distinct appeal of classic, antique varieties combined with the desirable attributes of extended flowering, strong fragrance, hardiness and health. Renaissance roses are available in a range of colours and  can be used to good effect either as specimens or they will combine well in a mixed planting.


Pruning Renaissance roses can either take the form of light trimming to maintain a shrub-like shape or they can be harder pruned like a floribunda if desired.

Renaissance roses
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Rennaissance rose: CHLOE
Renaissance rose Chloe has large double blooms of blush pink. Richly scented.
Chloe is a robust and healthy rose variety which develops into a bushy well balanced shrub.
Continuous flowering rose bush.
1.2m x 1m.
Rennaissance rose: Isabel
Beautiful, highly scented blooms, deep velvety red and luxuriant. Isabel has shiny dark foliage which seems to be resistant to almost all the common rose diseases.
Continuous flowering rose.
1.2m x 1m.

Unavailable 2015

Renaissance rose: Liliana
Renaissance rose Liliana has beautifully formed flowers of soft apricot pink.
An upright growing shrub rose with exceptional fragrance.
Liliana is a healthy and continuous flowering rose.
1.2m x 1.5m
Renaissance rose: Nancy
Renaissance rose Nancy has scented, pink and white striped blooms held in clusters.
A hardy, healthy rose that should continue to flower throughout the Summer and Autumn
Bushy, hardy and healthy.
Perpetual flowering rose.
1.2m x 1m.

Unavailable 2015
Renaissance rose: Princess Alexandra
Large, double ruffled blooms of deep magenta pink. Renaissance rose Princess Alexandra has a wonderful perfume. Dark green glossy leaves which are highly disease resistant.
Continuous flowering rose.
1.2m x 1m.
Renaissance rose: SANDRA
Sandra has large, scented double lavender blooms which don’t fade.
Upright, narrow bushy growth with a dark shiny foliage.
Healthy and perpetual flowering rose.
1.2m x 0.8m.

Unavailable 2015
Renaissance rose: SOPHIA
Renaissance rose Sophia has amber yellow flowers with a rich honeyed scent.
Large full blooms.
Bushy dense growth with healthy foliage.
Sophia is a continuous flowering rose.
90-100 cm.
Renaissance rose: SUSAN
Creamy white, quartered blooms which open flat. Scented.
Susan is a hardy and healthy Renaissance rose with a slightly spreading habit.
Continuous Flowering rose.
1.2m x 1.2m.
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