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Blackberries and hybrid berries fully justify their place in the garden as decorative plants which thrive in a wide range of locations and soil types. There are a number of hybrids between blackberry, loganberry (itself a hybrid) and raspberry and by selecting varieties, continuous crops can be maintained from late June until the Autumn. Any surplus fruit can be successfully frozen or processed for winter use. Newer blackberry varieties have been bred to produce larger, sweeter fruits of dessert quality.


Adaptable to growing in sun or part shade and ideal for covering garden structures or for training on wires, fences or walls. An increasing number of thornless types means their cultivation is much easier. Ensure good winter drainage.

Individually priced
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Vigorous thornless variety producing plenty of new canes. Fruit is very large, bright and shiny with excellent aroma and flavour
Mid season cropping from mid-July over prolonged period. General all round resistance to the main blackberry pest and disease problems.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Dark fruits which are firm and well flavoured when fully ripe.
Early season. Thorny canes of moderate vigour. High yields over a two-month period July-Sept.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Good flavoured berries. Decorative plant at blossom time with unusual double pink flowers.
Mid season. Semi-erect, vigorous thornless variety. Late July-end Aug.
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Large, firm fruit of excellent colour and flavour.
Early ripening. Vigorous growth. Good general disease resistance. Ripens early July and picks over three-week period.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Large, dark glossy berries, sweet fruity flavour. New introduction. First primocane blackberry (producing fruit on current year's growth like Autumn raspberries)
Can yield up to 2.5 kg of fruit in first year. Compact habit. Ideal for growing in the ground or containers. Easy and reliable. Aug-Oct.
£12.00/3 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Blackberry/Loganberry/Raspberry hybrid. Special flavour akin to wild bramble fruit. Large round-oblong red-purple soft, juicy fruits which are slightly acidic.
High yields from July. Tolerates drier conditions but not for colder areas.
£10.50/3 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Large, juicy, dark red fruits with a good sharp flavour. Valued for culinary use and freezes well.
Spineless canes of moderate vigour. Hardy. Crops heavily. July.
£10.50/3 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Blackberry/Raspberry hybrid. Dark fruits which are very rich and aromatic in flavour. Something special. Dessert or culinary use. Freezes well.
Very vigorous and thorny. July.
Available Summer 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Very large, dark purple-red fruits which are juicy and with delightful sweet-acidic flavour. Easy to pick and good for freezing, jamming or fresh use.
Moderately vigorous thornless canes. Not cold hardy. Crops from June in warmer areas.
£10.50/3 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Hybrid berries,
Tayberry hybrid. Large dark-red berries which are firm, roundish and with good flavour. Sweeter than Loganberry but excellent for fresh or culinary use.
Moderately vigorous canes with small thorns which require support of some kind. Hardier than Tayberry. Ripens from mid June in Southern UK.
£10.50/3 litre,
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